How to Apply Patches.
1. Extract the “Character” folder (and the Item folder, if you also downloaded Poofy/Kilt Patch) from the Zip file.
2. Copy the “Character” (and “Item”, if you have it) folder you just extracted into your Client folder. This is the one called “World of Warcraft” in your computer.
2b. If you did it right, you should have this situation inside your “World of Warcraft” Client folder, from the top to the bottom: “Cache”, “Character”, “Data”, “Interface”, “Item”, “Logs”, “Screenshots”, “Utils”, “WTF”.
3. Follow the instructions in THIS thread (you have to be registered).
4. Do naughty things!

X-Mas Sexy Clothes Mod.
These will replace the vendor common cloth sets usable since level 1.
For Horde: Tattered Cloth and Light Cloth.
For Alliance: Thin Cloth.

As you can see from the screenshots, suspenders are intended to be used both with or without belt and belt can be used tactically to remove underwear alone while keeping the suspenders on.
Alliance has only short boots and gloves, unless you obtain Tattered Clothes via neutral AH.
Heels replacing normal boots on BEF are from a specific patch we use for our webcomic, so they are not included here, since they are model-locked and unrelated to textures.
XmasSexyClothes (COMPLETE) LINK

ALLIANCE - Preview.


HORDE - Preview.