Another friday has passed and this time without any page to be published.

After several months developing “Prologue” and “Aletheia” for our erotic fantasy adventure “Garnet’s Journey”, not adding another page was strange and sad at the same time.
However we are actually extremely excited about our future projects, especially for what concerns the story of Maenne and her newborn alter-ego.

We decided to take a break and benefit from the conclusion of the First Chapter; not to rest, of course, but to work even more and improve our entire project.
Commissions were also closed because of this.
In the next few days we’ll work on the Commission requests already received, which had to wait already too long: we announced that Garnet’s Journey had the highest priority, but we are sorry for the wait nevertheless.

The reasons behind the hiatus period is easily said!
We decided to improve the whole webcomic, Warcraft-art style and our 3D models: in the next few weeks we’ll start by upgrading our world to 6.0 to improve and renew our graphic engine and meanwhile we’ll try to go down the SFM road like many people suggested us to do. The plan is to exalt and intensify the erotic content you already appreciated as much as possible.

Stay tuned and we’ll show the steps we’ll take in the right direction until the moment in which the Second Chapter happens. We’ll “remaster” the old content in a short summary of the road so far, giving our heroine a new, detail-rich and wonderful look. And along with it we’ll start creating those secondary stories from notorious videogames we already promised and that, partly, someone already commissioned us.

Here is the timeline for our new projects:

– Current Commission completion (DONE)
– Upgrade from 4.0 to 6.0 (DONE)
– Joining the SFM world (ON IT)
– Garnet’s Journey Remastered: “The Road so far”
– Garnet’s Journey: Second Chapter
– Second Webcomic
– New Commissions

Until we complete our upgrades, learn SFM and publish the Remastered Summary, staying with us won’t cost a penny for our pledgers. You will be warned ahead of schedule when payments are set back, of course.
Until then your support is considered symbolic: the money you set here are the amount you’ll be willing to pay when we get back on trail.

Speaking of which, let us get back into the Borderlands…
We’ll be back with Moxxi in a few days!