So, the curtain on Chapter One is close to fall and Garnet’s outfit will soon be forged by her beloved blacksmith.
While its look is already established (Wuduo made our main cover based on it), Maenne won’t be able to walk around in the same attire she wears as a heroine.
She is in fact bound to find at the same tailor shop where her cloak will be woven some regular clothes less conspicuous than the latter – yet still revealer-ish.
As you figured out by now our OC’s outfits are “hand made” and yet they take inspiration from some beautiful digital ideas we pick around the web.

Above you can see 4 picks right from our Pinterest gallery.
You will choose among them the one that Maenne will buy right after Page 36. She will swap into them when reverting from Garnet’s form for the next pages and at the beginning of Chapter Two. It won’t be 100% identical (they will lose metal parts, for example), but you will choose which one will inspire our 3D mesh conversion.
As we have already announced, we don’t charge our pledgers for their support anymore.
So if you wish to give us your symbolic support, you will also be able to join this poll (and enjoy any other available rewards as well).
We’ll announce at an early date whenever we’ll set payments back, so you will have the time to change your mind before that happens.

The poll will be up until 01/02.
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