Hello, good travellers.
We can’t tell you how important the few but loyal readers and pledgers that supported this Patreon page were for us. Aside from donations, the meaning of your choice and some emails we received during our hardest weeks of work were the fuel that made us find the energy and the time even when we were short of both. The end of Chapter One of Garnet’s Journey is closing in. Afterwards we’ll take some time to deliver the Commissions we received in the last two months and to better organize our schedules and the Patreon page in anticipation of the start of Chapter Two.


Therefore, we hereby announce that every payment will be suspended until further date so that you can keep following us for free until we set some things up.
In this time you can keep supporting us but you’ll not be billed for it. The amount you put here will be symbolic: it will represent how much you would be willing to give us as soon as we get back on the trail.

To find out how the Rewards will change accordingly to this, please check our Patreon page.

More news about our plans will be made public right after the end of Chapter One.
Please stick with us and our erotic adventures: there is much more to come in the future.