How the webcomic is developed and completed?
1. The applicant explains his/her idea for the webcomic in the request.
2. If we can handle it, then we’ll explain how we will realize it with our tools.
3. The applicant gives us a storyboard as accurate as possible for his/her plot. The storyboard need to be complete with anything he/she would like to happen inside each page, so the applicant must figure out how long he/she would like the webcomic to be.
4. After a proper evaluation of the storyboard, we send an estimate for the total cost of the commission. We still reserve the right to refuse the job at this point, if we decide not being able to carry it out after all.
5. If the applicant is fine with the cost, we then create a schematic preview for the webcomic we are about to make. The schematic preview comes in two parts: a blank numbered structure of the panels and a .txt script of what each of them will contain. Below is an example of the schematic previews. The coding for each panel is paired with a dialogue line in the script.


6. The applicant gives us the final confirmation that everything is ok and send us the payment.
7. We begin the commission. During the work we will show to our applicant a preview of each page we complete void of balloons. If the applicant still hasn’t, he/she must give us a dialogue script for what he would like the characters to say inside each panel (dialogues need to be adequate to the space we left for them inside the panels). If he/she prefer, he/she can gives us the freedom to fill them with whatever we like, but since eroticism is a very subject matter we are not responsabile for creating something different from the tastes of the applicant.
8. The applicant receive every page as it is completed along with graphic enhancing and dialogue balloons. He/She can ask for slight modifications at this point but nothing more, since any big change will take away a lot of time.
9. After we completed the last page of the webcomic we consult the applicant about the cover and the title for his/her webcomic. This is the time to tell us if he/she wishes to remain anonymous and if we can publish the story publicly.
10. The webcomic is done!