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Hello everyone! Until we reach a proper Patreon Milestone that will allow us developing extra pages per month, we decided to add a commission option that you can use to make us create specific stories of your liking.
Please send your requests at:

These are the basic rules to commission a short webcomic at MiraggioComics:
– Main Webcomic(s) always comes first as priority, so Commissions won’t ever delay its regular schedule.
The cost for each page goes from a minimum of 25 USD to a maximum of 50 USD, depending on its content.
– Special request (model/outfit customization, generally) is calculated separately as extra. Extras have a 5 USD fee each.
– The Cover is always added free of charge and its concept is usually decided by us.
– Time for completion is usually a week for each page, but we tend to not have a fixed deadline.
– Commissions are only for short stories, we don’t take up jobs for more than 3-4 pages. Exceptions can be made, but usually we prefer to split longer stories in more chapters if the applicants wish to do a sequel after the job is finished.

Things we do handle:
-Explicit erotic content.
-Any sexual orientation.

Things we don’t handle:
– Anything involving children or underaged characters. Borderline situations (like gnomes) can be accepted only if they are depicted as adult and sexually mature both for their look and for their behavior.
– Guro, scat, watersports, vore and similars.
– Animals, Furry, Tentacles and anything involving non-humanoid monster sex. Exceptions exist and once again some borderline situations (like worgens) are well accepted.
– In addiction to what said above, even if we are very open minded and glad to explore new fantasies, we reserve ourselves the right to refuse certain requests we wouldn’t be able to carry out properly.