Recently, a fan of Garnet’s Journey asked us for a Commission.
Since we were focused working on the first chapter of our story, Aletheia, we had to keep him waiting for a while, but finally the Commission is finished!

Comm1-C Comm1-1 Comm1-2

After this request we decided to make ourselves open for Commissions.
We have to warn you, however, that Commissions will never steal time from Garnet’s Journey, which is still our primary focus until the end of the first chapter, currently updated once a week.
Rules and fees will soon be explained on our Patreon page, meanwhile you can write to to receive an estimate and discuss anything about your projects.

If requested we not only protect the anonymity of our applicants, but we will also avoid publish anything we did keeping the pages private.
Luckly this wasn’t the case, so – enjoy!