Our first story is “Garnet’s Journey”, a fantasy adventure about Maenne. She is the female protagonist and she is born as a Homunculi, an artificial body which harbors a human soul. Enhanced by supernatural skills while enfeebled with an insane sex drive, she will attempt to bring her beloved one – who is also her creator – back to life. She will search for one of the legendary artifacts known as “The Eternity Stones”, the same he used to gift her with eternal life. In her travels, she will have to learn how to control both her powers and her cravings.
When the overwhelming libido will cause her to fall to lust, she will fabricate a new identity to secure her reputation, thus creating the legend of the Heroine Garnet.
“Garnet’s Journey” will be the First Story to be published on our website.
On our Patreon page you can read more about our project: sing comics as narration tool, we combine the use of Blender and Photoshop to create strongly sexual themed stories. This includes not only original adventures invented by ourselves, as our Maenne/Garnet which you can read the prologue by now, but also homages to well-known videogames in which the sexual part was neglected even when it deserved more attention.
Have fun, good travellers.